Why Real Estate CRM?

Why Choose Webtales Property CRM
For Your Real Estate?

Easy Self Service Portal

Easy Self Service Portal

Maximize Productivity

Maximise Productivity

Operations Automation

Operations Automation

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Improve Sales & Growth

Improve Sales & Growth

Transforming Business PAN India For
Real Estate Agents And Builders

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Webtales Property CRM Pricing?

Billing Cycle:



`300  /user/month

Billed Yearly

(Best for Individual Brokers)

For 1 Month Free Trial, use Coupon PCWFREE1M


Hierarchy-based Restrictions Encrypted Database

Reporting Dashboards

  • Lead Management System
  • Enquiries Dashboard
  • Listing Dashboard
  • Lead Source Dashboard
  • Closed Deal Dashborad


  • Listing of Projects with multiple properties
  • Listing of Property
  • Provision for Commercial & Residential

Lead Management System

  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Scoring
  • No Duplication
  • Auto lead Capturing from Magicbrics, Makaan etc.
  • Advance Filters
  • Notifications
  • Email Matched Property

Lead Follow Up & Management

  • Follow Ups
  • Lead Status
  • Reminders
  • Quick Note
  • Follow Up Histroy
  • Lead Requirements
  • Find Matching Properties

Data Management

  • Manage your contacts

Office Operations

  • Deal Closed
  • Deal Lost
  • Invoice
  • Revenue
  • Monthly Expenses


`600  /user/month

Billed Yearly

(Best for Managing Teams)

For 1 Month Free Trial, use Coupon PCWFREE1M


Hierarchy-based Restrictions Encrypted Database

Everything in Standard +

Reporting Dashboards

  • Team Dashboard

Lead Management System

  • Lead Allotment
  • Lead Distribution

Tele Calling

  • Bulk Import Contact
  • Dialer Facility
  • Follow Ups
  • Convert To Enquiry

Access Management

  • Roll Based Users
  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Tele-callers


  • Home page
  • Project Listing Page
  • Project Search
  • Property Listing Page
  • Property Search
  • Advance Filters
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Enquiry Form
  • SEO enabled with provision of Meta Tags, GA & GSC integration, Sitemap, Robots.txt
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Terms & Conditions


For Custom requirements where you want to us to tweak various modules, Please contact us!

  • Much more secured with Database on your Server.
  • More custom development as per your requirements.
  • API integrations with your existing Website or any other platform.
  • Additional Services
    • - Paid Media Campaigns
    • - Landing Page Development
    • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • - Social Media Management (SMO)
    • - Influencer Marketing
    • - Video Production
    • - Image Editing


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    How Webtales Real Estate CRM is secured & ensure security of leads of a Property Dealer or Builder?

    Our Real Estate CRM Software is more secure than any other local software available in the market. To avoid any data leakage, we use the encryption method of Database for any Property Dealer whose leads are visible to him & his team only. No other external party, including Webtales will have access to any leads in any form.

    Is there any free trial period provided in Webtales Property CRM?

    Yes, we provide a free trial for 1 month with listing unlimited properties, to let you explorer all the features of our Real Estate CRM software for Property Dealers & Builders. This free trial is offered to customers for 1 month of time, so that they can try & continue the subscription if they like our Real Estate crm software.

    What is a Real Estate CRM Software for Property Dealers & Builders?

    Real Estate CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is software that helps to manage relationship between buyers, sellers, broker & developer.

     A Real Estate CRM software is used by property dealers or builder to easily track & manage their properties, and to communicate across all functions and nurture relationships with their clients.

    Real Estate CRM Software is an essential tool for real estate agents. It helps them generate leads from potential buyers.

    Webtales Real Estate CRM software provides a comprehensive suite of features like Property listing & management, lead tracking & management, Tele-callers & Manager tracking, Sales tracking & closing, invoicing etc.

    Real Estate CRM Software also enables agents to get insights into customer behaviour and provide better service to their clients. In short, Webtales is the best CRM for property management, where it provides solutions for managing your real estate business in real time, more efficiently and effectively.

    What are the benefits of a Real Estate CRM Software?

    Webtales Real Estate CRM Software is a powerful Property CRM software for real estate companies, to automate their sales processes and maximize the potential of their business. Real Estate CRM Software having lots of benefits & these are;

    • Sales management
    • People Management
    • Time and workflow management
    • Lead Security
    • Business processes automation
    • Marketing management
    • Document control automation
    • Invoicing automation
    • Analytics for better ROI
    • Easy communication

    Is CRM software necessary for the Real Estate Business?

    Real Estate businesses have various verticals including Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Sales, Data Management etc., making it difficult to manage each of them efficiently.

    Real Estate CRM software can help real estate businesses to increase their sales and profits by automating the process & systems.

    It is a powerful tool that can be used to streamline the customer relationship, allowing real estate brokers & builders to focus on what matters most in selling properties.

    With the help of our Real Estate CRM system, real estate agents & builders can increase their sales by targeting the right customers at the right time with personalized communication.

    What is the best CRM for new real estate agents?

    The best CRM for real estate is dependent on the needs of individual’s real estate business and the real estate industry at large. It also requires selecting Real Estate CRM software that is built to handle the specific challenges real estate professionals face daily.

    Webtales Property CRM is the absolute solution. It has easy-to-use lead management tool, it can streamline the process of managing property listings and optimize communication with all business contacts (customers, builders & other agents) to strengthen relationships.

    It also brings data together to one location, which is easy to access and secure. Webtales Property CRM also allows you to tailor dashboards and reporting to view information according to your personal preference and assist you in the smooth running of your organization.

    Why Webtales Property CRM is best real estate CRM software in India?

    Webtales Property CRM, for the real estate industry makes it easy to manage sales leads and customers. Here are five reasons why this industry must embrace the best CRM for real estate:

    1. Nurture and Build Sales Leads: CRM tools can automatically capture leads and contacts from multiple channels and assign them to sales executives with automating lead procurement & allotment.

    2. Automate the Sales Process at Various Stages: Webtales Property CRM solution can automate process by scheduling property visits for interested buyers, sending accurate property quotes and generating post-sales reports.

    3. Categorize the Prospective Leads: Real estate CRM software for Property Dealers & builders enables automatic categorization of every lead and customize their marketing message based on their profile.

    4. Improve Overall Productivity: By using Webtales Property CRM, property developers can prioritize and focus on the ‘most likely’ buyers and reach them on time.

    How a Property CRM or Property Management Software helps real estate agents?

    A Real Estate CRM Software can take the efficiency of realtors to a new level. A CRM can empower Realtors & Builders to track customer behavior in the form of analytics.

    It also provides valuable insights to real estate agents & builders with much-needed context for each account.

    In practice, this makes it simpler for agents to keep up with customer activity and decide their next business decision. 

    CRM software for real estate works great to assist agents in qualifying leads. Once potential leads are captured in the real estate CRM system, you can analysis it at various levels to understand it’s nature.

    How does a CRM enable real estate agents to streamline their sales activities?

    Webtales Property CRM enable real estate agents to streamline their sales activities through following points:

    1.Lead Management System: Our CRM has the best Real Estate Lead Management System that makes it easy to convert your contacts to leads & then customers. Our Real estate CRM software comes with the right solution for lead management & nurturing    

      2. Pre-Qualifying Leads: Once the real estate agent gets a lead – the next step would be to make the discovery call or cold call. Our Property CRM system automatically distributes the leads among tele-callers & make it available for further nurturing.

     3. Streamlining the Sales Cycle: Now that when leads have entered the sales pipeline, follow up alerts make it easier for tele-callers to track the leads on daily basis. A single dashboard for all leads with it’s current status makes tele-caller’s work easy.

     4. Define the Lead Stage:  A real estate CRM software helps the agent define the lead stages in the funnel and enables you to set the criteria to move the lead from one stage to the next in the lead funnel.

    5. Closing the Sales: finally with a round of follow-ups your team can book the sales & raise the invoices from our Real Estate CRM Software itself.

    How the best Real estate CRM handles every stage of the customer lifecycle?

    Real estate CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers, and to capitalize on improved customer relations. The better you understand your customers, the more responsive you can be to their needs.  

    Real estate CRM software can be achieved by finding out about your customers' purchasing habits, opinions and preferences.

    Supporting your customers as they proceed through the purchasing process is the main goal of customer lifecycle management. You can turn your prospects into loyal audiences of your business by raising awareness, cultivating consumers, and providing an amazing customer experience at every point of the customer journey.

    You can better understand your customers' preferences and deal with their concerns efficiently and promptly with the help of real estate CRM software.

    How real estate CRM can be useful for builders?

    Attracting high-value customers and penetrating the reach of the business are the prime objectives of builders and knowing what prospective clients need can help a company personalize the sales experience.

    Hence, making the life of clients simple by leveraging advanced technology makes the best real estate CRM for builders.

    How to manage leads in Webtales Property CRM?

    Lead management in real estate CRM software is the process of capturing leads, tracking their behavior, and qualifying and nurturing them by offering valuable insights and information until they are ready to convert.

    A rock-solid lead management system of Webtales Property CRM puts your sales strategy on autopilot and helps you know the exact steps to take in order to close more deals.

    Does Webtales Property CRM provide any demo video to understand the CRM?

    Yes, Webtales Property CRM provides demo video to understand real estate CRM software.

    A product demo is a presentation of the value of your product or service to a current or prospective customer. It typically involves a demonstration of core features and capabilities. 

    It can be very beneficial CRM for property brokers to use in their day-to-day activities.

    Does Webtales Property CRM supports any custom requirements?

    Yes, Webtales Property CRM supports custom requirements to present you a tailor-made solution as per client requirements.

    We have also added custom requirements in the pricing package with extra features to implement. By using custom requirements, it can be the best CRM for property management for builders and real estate agents.

    Thanks for providing your details, our executive shall contact you soon !

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    Rohit Nandwana

    Rohit Nandwana

    It's extremely important for a property dealer to have the best property CRM like Webtales Property CRM. It has not only made my work systematic but also increased my Sales & ROI.